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Here is how logic comes into play. If one of the three companies vying for the job scores significantly lower than the other two based on experience, quality, service, and prices, the buyer will not pick that company even if its salesperson has built the strongest relationship. The buyer's old brain will not choose the inferior solution, as the seller does not have the logic to justify the emotional sale.

Wouldn't it be nice to know how to get the buyer to use their old brain and choose you based on emotion?

Based on hundreds of studies at numerous major neuroscience laboratories and universities, we know the decision-making old brain responds to six main activators.

1. ME ME ME Focus

2. Simple, Easy-to-Grasp Ideas

3. Beginnings and Endings

4. Clear Distinction

5. Vivid Images

6. Active Engagement

These six activators apply to getting someone's attention; therefore, they are most useful in sales presentations and customer communications. They also can be helpful in every phase of the sales process and will be mentioned throughout this book. Chapter 1 gives you all the details.

In a closely related field, neuroscientists, psychologists, and various researchers have identified over one hundred cognitive biases. Although there is no agreement on exactly how many there are, we've researched these cognitive biases and know many of them are not only useful for marketing, but also have great value and practical applications for sales. This book shows how understanding twenty-five specific cognitive biases can help you be more effective in five of the most important sales skills:6

* Prospecting for New Business

* Identifying Buyers and Using Coaches

* Rapport Building

* Perfect Listening

* Closing the Deal

The importance of cognitive biases in the sales process is covered in chapter 2, and their uses are explained in the subsequent chapters dedicated to each important sales skill.

The Neuroscience of Selling takes some of the mystery out of how and why people buy, and it better enables you to connect to any buyer and close deals faster. These insights are useful for business executives, salespeople, and all other customer-facing associates. That's what we do best at ASHER Strategies: make the complex simple with practical applications so you can bring in new clients and grow your business.


Almost all decisions are made by the buyer's decision-making old brain, but if the old brain remains asleep, the buyer will not make a decision, and your closing rates will be close to zero.

Use the following six old brain activators to increase your chances for a sale:


We are all most concerned with our own safety, our own happiness, and our own success. This is our reptilian brain at work, and one practical application of this activator you can easily recognize is in sales presentations. When you watch most salespeople give a presentation to buyers, it is all about the salesperson's company and the company's offerings. The typical agenda of their presentation looks like this:

* Here is the vision of our company.

* Here is a picture of our new facilities.

* Here are all of our locations around the country.

* Here is a list of our seven integrated cybersecurity solutions.

* Let's start with the details of our first solution.

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