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As the average person approaches your booth, they look at it for an average of three seconds. You want a qualified lead to look at your booth and in less than three seconds decide they want to come in and talk to you.

You want a nonqualified lead to look at your booth and in less than three seconds decide they do not need your products and services and keep walking. You do not want them to come in and waste your time and perhaps divert your attention from a qualified prospect.

So, I walked around and looked at all the booths, most of which cost the vendors about $10,000 for the three days. Every single one of them was too complicated! One supplier had seventeen different services listed on the front column.

Consider simplifying the descriptions of your products and services everywhere—in your presentations, proposals, brochures, and on your website.


The third old brain activator is about the importance of the Beginnings and Endings of interactions. If properly stimulated, the old brain will wake up at the beginning of a meeting, conversation, or presentation, but once the old brain gets the gist of the idea, it goes to sleep. If stimulated again near the end of the interaction, it will wake up once more.

An example of this activator is a typical sermon given by pastors, priests, and rabbis, who are all taught in theological seminary how to give an impactful message.

1. Describe an important story from the Bible with enthusiasm. The congregation leans forward on the edge of their pews! Their old brains are awake!

2. Elaborate with detailed background information in the body of the sermon. The congregation's old brains are lulled to sleep.

3. Near the end of the sermon, show how the biblical story relates to the daily lives of the congregation. Their old brains wake back up!

This pattern is also well-known in the entertainment industry. In Star Wars, George Lucas's first film in the franchise that came out in 1977, Lucas went against Hollywood protocol of starting with the credits and instead started with action and the crawler, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." The movie ended in classic adventure style, with the good guys winning and wrongs being righted. The formula works: have a hot opening and a hot closing and try not to mess up the middle!

In every interaction with a prospect or customer—whether it is an email, a phone call, or a meeting in person—always begin and end with impact.


The fourth old brain activator is about Clear Distinction. The old brain remains fast asleep when presented with similar boring patterns. The old brain loves bright, shiny, stark differences. For example:

"We are one of the leading companies in this industry." (The old brain yawns.)

"Our company has unique testing facilities." (The old brain wakes up!)

If a seller says, "We've been in business for thirty-five years. We have great customer service. We have a strong engineering and design team," the buyer's hominid brain hears only three things: "Blah blah blah."

Why does the hominid brain only hear "Blah blah blah"? Because while most salespeople think these are key discriminators, they actually do not differentiate you from the competition. In most cases, statements like these are the price of admission in today's globalized, internet-based economy; you must have them to be considered. To wake up the buyer's old brain with this activator, you must be different.



1. Six Activators that Wake Up the Buyers Brain
2. Cognitive Biases in the Sales Process
3. Prospecting for New Business
4. Identifying Buyers and Prospecting New Business
5. Rapport Building
6. Perfect Listening
7. Closing the Deal


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